Research and just doing it

Tonight I caught up on two episodes of Inside the Actors Studio that I’d recorded on our local cable company’s version of TiVo. I’m a total geek when it comes to behind the scenes movie stuff. Inside the Actors Studio is one of my guilty pleasures.

The two shows I watched tonight featured Laura Linney and Josh Brolin. Very interesting, both of them. And as different as they are, they both said something about research that I think applies to writing as well as acting.

Both of them heaviliy research their parts. They learn all they can before hand, but then, as Laura Linney said, when she gets on the set, she throws all that research away. Josh Brolin compared it to golf — you learn all the techniques, study and practice all the individual things you need to learn, but when you get out on the course, you forget about all that stuff and just play.

Wise words.

Works for writing too.