weather geek

I admit it, I’m a weather geek. I have the Weather Channel Desktop on the computer at my day job and at home, and I love looking at the interactive maps.

In the last few days there’s been a lot to look at. We’re getting some pretty impressive thunderstorms for our area, rain-wise. Usually, the springtime thunderstorms in the valley are all rumble and lightning and very little actual moisture on the ground. Not good for either drought-busting or wildfires.

This week? Oh my, has the rain poured down. And hail.

On Sunday, hubby and I tried to beat a mid-morning storm and get our Costco shopping done before the deluge hit. No such luck. In fact, it rained/hailed so hard while we were in Costco, it sounded like truckloads of ball bearings bouncing on a tin roof. Luckily, we waited out the storm in the food court. When we finally made it outside, we were amazed at the amount of hail still on the ground. One of the nearby hills looked like it had been dusted with snow.

Yesterday, I wasn’t so lucky. I had to deliver something downtown in the middle of a total downpour, the kind that windshield wipers on high can’t even handle. I got ridiculously wet just from the half-block walk between my car to the courthouse, and this wearing a raincoat. Of course, I also had to cross a street that looked more like a swift-moving stream.

I now have tremendous empathy for actors who have to stand drenched in an artificial rainfall, take after take, while water drips off their hair and their eyelashes and their nose. You guys earn your money. While I don’t mind getting wet – it is just rain, after all – I’d rather not be stuck in wet clothes at work.

And I’m not even going to talk about what all that wet did to my hair. *g* I did, however, bring a spare blowdryer and styling brush to work today.

Just in case.

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