it never fails

We put out the deck furniture, put the canvas cover on the gazebo, get ready for a little outdoor living, and… it’s the Attack of Mother Nature.

Usually, given that this is Nevada and the seasons go from winter to summer with maybe a couple of days, here and there, of something vaguely resembling spring, we get the outdoor furniture out, and next thing we know, we have the first heat wave of the season. This year? Not so much.




Cool weather.

Even more rain.

You get the picture.

Enter yours truly, bound and determined to enjoy her deck. Armed with a good book, my iPod, a diet Pepsi (caffeine free), and a coat, I braved the cloudy, breezy, thunderstormy late afternoon to enjoy my favorite deck chair and the newly installed fountain.

An hour later, I fortified myself with a blanket.

When I couldn’t feel my nose, I finally gave up and came inside. Still, it was a good afternoon. I enjoyed the heck out of my book, the music, the rumbling clouds and the tumbling water.

What I’m reading: Murder on a Girls’ Night Out by Anne George, a new to me author introduced to me by Chris York.

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