Hey there, buddy

I’ve been watching a lot of Criminal Minds episodes lately. I blame A&E, which shows episodes at a time when hubby’s channel surfing. The stories intrigue him, and he stops to watch.

I sort of said goodbye to Criminal Minds after season 4. The focus of the show seemed to have switched from the team and how they dealt with each week’s unsub to the unsub brutalizing the victims. Ugh. The two-part season 4 ender sealed the deal for me. I read Stephen King, so I can deal with oogy; even so, those two eps were a bit too much.


I missed the characters. Reid and Garcia and Morgan and JJ and Hotch, Prentiss and Rossi. Watching these episodes again is like visiting with old friends, catching up on what they’ve done with their lives, getting involved with what they’re doing now.

That’s a great thing about series characters in books, too. This weekend I curled up with a Robert Parker Jesse Stone book – Stone Cold. I’d read it a while ago, but I like the Jesse Stone books, and I felt like catching up with old friends Jesse and Molly and Suitcase (I could do without Jenn though). I read the entire book in one night, unusual for me, and enjoyed every moment of it. (It doesn’t hurt that I have Tom Selleck as a mental image for Jesse, thanks to the movies.)

A lot of the things I write have series potential. I seem to be drawn that way. It makes the writing fun. Just like rewatching Criminal Minds, I get to spend my time with old friends.

What I’m reading: Heat Wave by Richard Castle
What I’m listening to: Resolution by Robert B. Parker

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