face off

College Kid and Sorority Girl face off over the neutral zone known as Eeyore.

those crazy kids!

They’re getting closer! In another six months, they might actually be playing together. *g*

2 thoughts on “face off

  1. Bwahahaha! This picture cracks me up! The expression on the orange one’s face (is that College Kid?) combined w/ Eeyore’s perpetually worried look is hysterical.

    BTW, I’m Mel’s SIL & I did your site 😀

    • Hi Kat! Yes, the ginger kitty is College Kid, aka Beansie, and the whiite kitty is the Sororitty Girl, aka Feather. Beansie came to live with us last year when his mom and dad needed to find a new home for him; he was their kid who grew up and went away to college, and the College Kid nickname stuck. *g*

      Beansie is a big goofball kitty. He wants to play, but Feather, the Sorority Girl, just isn’t interested. Like a typical college kid, he keeps on trying.

      Give Mel a hug for me, okay? She’s such a sweetie!

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