Beat the Reaper

So I just finished listening to the audiobook of Josh Bazell’s Beat the Reaper: A Novel.

Beat the Reaper is kind of like a smashup of E.R. and Goodfellas on speed, a fast-paced novel about a former Mafia hitman turned doctor thanks to the Witness Protection Program. There’s violence and sex and the kind of language you’d hear on The Sopranos if Al Swearingen from Deadwood was a made man. It’s not for the faint of heart — or for anyone who’s even moderately suspicious of the quality of modern healthcare. (I have a pretty high eeww! tolerance, but I had to fast forward through one bit near the end.)

But boy does this novel have voice. Great big gobs of it. It certainly grabbed my attention and never let go. I’m glad I picked up the audiobook on a whim from the library. It was a fun book to listen to (even with the eewww! factor).

What am I listening to now? Jim Butcher’s White Night (The Dresden Files, Book 9).

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