I may be insane, but I’m fun

I just accepted a writing challege offered up by Sarah A. Hoyt over at The Mad Genius Club blog.

What’s the challenge? Write a new story a week for six months.

Now, while some of you might think I’m nuts (26 stories in 26 weeks?!? It can’t be done!), my Oregon Coast Workshop buddies will no doubt think this sounds like fun. Maybe some of them will even join the challenge. *hint hint*

Sarah and I and a whole bunch of other writers who’ve survived the workshops given by Dean Wesley Smith and Kris Rusch not only know a challenge like this can be done, but that writing fast and writing a lot can make us better writers. Every now and then I need a kick in the butt to remind myself of that. Sarah, who’s an awesome writer and can write rings around me with one hand tied behind her back, just provided me with that kick.

I’ll post here about my progress with the challenge. If anyone else wants to join in the challenge – c’mon in! We’ve got a lot of bathtubs to fill, and there’s a promise of a rubber ducky at the end. (If I’ve just confused you, go read Sarah’s post. It’ll all make sense. Trust me. I’m a writer. *g*)

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