An interesting end to Worldcon

Okay, this is classic.

Thanks to a mutual friend (Hi, Judith!), I now have this nifty full-size bug costume made by David from Washington State. My daughter and I met up with David tonight and managed to wedge bugzilla into the back seat of my car.

That’s not David’s name for his costume. The slip of paper with David’s full name and the costume’s name is still in the car, along with the bug. I had every intention of bringing in both tonight, but there’s a little problem.

Or not so little problem.

Namely, a five-foot long SNAKE coiled at the base of my driveway. A snake that Does Not Want To Move. Period.

No rattles were involved in the hissing, lunging, and recoiling of my unexpected visitor, but it was dark and I decided the snake could have that part of my driveway for the night. I hope it’s gone in the morning. As it is, bugzilla will be going to work with me tomorrow. I’m going to get some really odd looks from other people in my building’s parking garage when they catch sight of my backseat passenger.

What a way to end a really cool Worldcon. 🙂

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