Free Fiction Thursday – The Liar

Good morning, everyone!  How’s Thursday treating you so far?

There’s a photo making the rounds on Facebook these days that’s very popular with a lot of my writer friends.  In the photo, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey, Jr., and Mark Ruffalo, aka Captain America, Thor, Ironman, and the Hulk, are all pointing at the camera with very superhero-ish looks on their faces.  Someone added the caption “You Should Be Writing!” at the bottom of the photo.  See why it’s popular with writers?  I’m thinking about printing it and taping it over my computer monitor.  There’s nothing wrong with inspiration coming in eye-candy packages. *g*

This week’s story features another writer who should be writing, but isn’t.  I hope you enjoy “The Liar.”  It will be free to read for a week.


The Liar

Annie Reed

Published by Thunder Valley Press

Copyright 2011 by Annie Reed

The steady rise and fall of his chest against her bare back soothed her, and the champagne tickled her nose.  Or was it the bubblebath?  Marie took another drink from the crystal flute.  She never drank champagne, but she would never have another opportunity.

Candlelight softened the alabaster ceramic tile on the walls and the plain white of her tub.  Flames glinted off the crystal and made it sparkle, and warm jasmine-scented water enveloped her.  The soft guitar of a William Ackerman song drifted in from the living room.  The moment was perfect enough that she almost forgot.

Almost, but not quite.

Marie closed her eyes and leaned her head on Brian’s shoulder.  “I’m going to miss this.”

Soft lips touched her temple.  “Not much time left,” Brian said.

“I know.”  She turned her head and nuzzled his neck, eyes still closed.  “You were my favorite.”

He chuckled.  “Liar.”

(read the rest of the story here)

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