Free Fiction Thursday – Missy and the Man

Good morning, everyone!  How’s your Thursday going so far?  My Thursday started with coming downstairs to find hairballs galore, thanks to the warmer weather we’ve had the last few days.  Kitties, gotta love ’em!

This week’s Free Fiction Thursday story is a period piece about a young girl who really loves cats, so much so that she’s bound and determined to sneak into her neighbor’s garage to see his cat’s brand new kittens.  Only her neighbor’s not a very nice man.  Not at all.

“Missy and the Man”  is one of five stories in my brand new collection ALL FALL DOWN, available for sale now at Amazon and Smashwords, and soon to be available at the iBookstore and Barnes and Noble.


Missy and the Man

Copyright © 2012 Annie Reed

Published by Thunder Valley Press

Cover art Copyright © Rejnkarlgren|

Cover and layout Copyright © 2012 Thunder Valley Press

Missy just wanted to see the kittens, that was all.  She’d seen cats before.  All kinds of cats—orange cats with white paws, white cats with pink ears and noses, and black cats with yellow eyes that looked like they should be mean but they weren’t—but she’d never seen little baby kittens.  Missy knew how to pet cats good.  Mommy said cats liked to be petted soft, like Missy did with her doll’s hair.  Missy and her mommy both liked cats, but her daddy didn’t, so they didn’t have any of their own.

Their neighbor did, though.  He didn’t seem like he was a very nice man, but he had a pretty gray cat with a white face and long fur and a fat belly that Mommy said was full of kittens, so the man couldn’t be all that mean.  Missy didn’t think a cat, especially a cat about to have kittens, would live with someone who was mean.

The man wasn’t really their neighbor neighbor, like Missy’s friend Laura’s daddy, who lived next door to where Missy and her parents lived.  The man with the kittens was just the man who lived in the house next to the house where Missy’s daddy had his shop.

Missy’s daddy fixed other people’s furniture, and her mommy helped.  They were always too busy to play with Missy, so when she was done watching Gilligan’s Island or My Three Sons on the little television in the back room where Mommy worked, Missy went outside all by herself to play in the backyard behind Daddy’s shop, just like a Big Girl.

The backyard behind Daddy’s shop didn’t have grass like the backyard at home.  Instead it had lots of dirt and rocks and weeds, and grasshoppers that were almost as big as her fingers.  Sometimes Missy took her dolls outside and pretended the backyard was a great big desert and her dolls needed Missy to rescue them.  But sometimes she left her dolls inside so she could play her absolute most-favorite game:  being a cat.

When Missy pretended she was a cat, she’d walk as quiet as she could through the weeds along the edge of the yard so she could surprise a grasshopper.  Grasshoppers were fun to play with, but Missy was careful never to hurt them, even though she was pretty sure a real cat wouldn’t be so nice to something it was hunting.

Stalking along the fence in search of grasshoppers was how Missy found the hole in the fence.

(read the rest of the story here)

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