Free Fiction Thursday – Homeless

Good morning, everyone!

Boy, I don’t know how many Criminal Minds fans stop by my blog, but wow… I’m still reeling a bit from last night’s episode. The show’s been cruel in one way or another to all of its main characters over the years, so I should have figured out what was coming. Still… show, you made me want to cuddle one of your main characters and offer hot chocolate and a comfortable shoulder to cry on. Sheesh!

I think I need to go watch a superhero movie, something where the good guys kick major butt. The Avengers or maybe Thor would be good choices.

This week’s story involves heroes of a different sort. Life can be cruel to the old gods who can’t move on. Especially to one of the old gods who turned her back on her son. I hope you enjoy “Homeless.”

homeless cover v2 interior


Annie Reed

Copyright © 2010 Annie Reed

Hera remembered beauty.  She remembered warm summer rain and cool evening breezes, the sweet smell of jasmine and the sweeter taste of revenge.  She remembered the power of the gods and the subservience of mortals, and she remembered her children and her husband.  All things long gone in this modern world which had forgotten her.

Chill wind buffeted her through the threadbare wool of her stained coat, whipped her matted grey hair about her deeply-lined face.  Shoulders hunched against the cold, Hera shuffled along a city street bordered not by temples of marble and granite, but by monstrous buildings of chrome and steel, brick and glass.  Monuments to money, not to ancient gods, crowded this world.  The air tasted thick and foul, and smelled of hot metal and snuffed candlewicks.  The rumbling, screeching noise of automobiles and buses made her head ache.  The sidewalk was hard and unforgiving beneath her aching feet.

She held her coat closed with numb fingers and looked for a place to rest for a while.  Just for a short while, until someone told her to leave, and then she would begin the search all over again like the rest of this city’s homeless.

(read the rest of the story here)

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