Twist of a Knife special offer!

How’s your Small Business Saturday going? I hope you’ve gotten a lot of shopping done at your favorite independent, locally owned stores. Local businesses can really use the support, especially during this holiday shopping season. If you can, please purchase online, or if you can’t and have to shop in person, please wear a mask, wash your hands often, and follow social distancing guidelines so that you and your loved ones will still be around for Christmas.

Speaking of Small Business Saturday shopping, I’d like to remind you that independent and small press publishers are small businesses too, and so is Storybundle.  I’m lucky enough to be in two bundles going on right now, although the Twist of a Knife Bundle is going away in only five more days!

My contribution to the Twist of a Knife Bundle is early edition of my short story collection Unexpected Criminals, which isn’t available anywhere else! With this bundle, you not only get an early look at some of my favorite crime stories, you get some really nifty fiction from some of my favorite mystery writers. These books run the gamut from cozy mysteries to gritty noir to hit lady to the best twisted mysteries featured in Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, including my unexpected spy story, “The Geezer Squad.” (See what I did there?)

For as little as $15 you can get all ten books in this bundle, plus support a great charity.  But hurry, because The Twist of a Knife Storybundle’s going away in just five more days.

PLUS, because this is the season for holiday specials, I’d like to throw in a little extra incentive – an added bonus if you’ve purchased the bundle.

From now until the end of the bundle, I’m going to throw in an extra collection—call it a companion collection to Unexpected Criminals for FREE!  This one is Unexpected Good Guys.

Both Unexpected Criminals and Unexpected Good Guys won’t be available for sale until next year, but for a limited time you can get both collections by purchasing the Twist of a Knife Storybundle.

So how do you get your free copy of Unexpected Good Guys?


Just shoot me an email to annie DOT reed DOT writer AT gmail DOT com. (Substitute in the . and @ in that email address – you know the score. *g*)  Attach or embed a copy of your receipt from Storybundle to your email, and I’ll send you back a link where you can download your free copy of Unexpected Good Guys.

But don’t delay!  This offer – along with the bundle – is only available for another five days.

I’ll be back on Monday to talk about the other great bundle I’m in this holiday season! Stay tuned!

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