Special Holiday Offer!

Happy two days before Christmas!

Have all your holiday shopping done? Did I just give you a panic attack by mentioning holiday shopping? Did you just remember someone you inadvertently forgot to check off your gift-giving list, and now there’s no way you can get a present delivered in time?

Well, do I have a deal for you!

(Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the used car salesman voice.)

Seriously, though, if you have a reader on your list, or just a person who loves Christmas movies and Christmas music and maybe even a little Christmas mayhem, the Good Cheer Holiday Bundle makes an excellent gift that doesn’t rely on the poor, overworked and overwhelmed package delivery services to arrive on time for the holiday. It’s a great, low-cost gift that will gives hours of social-distancing enjoyment for that special person on your list. PLUS it’s easy to give the bundle as a gift—there’s a button that asks if you’re giving the bundle as a gift. You just have to click that button, and voila! Gift giving made easy. And at this time of the year, easy is good, right?

AND I have an extra-special deal for you, too!!

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, if you purchase a copy of the Good Cheer Holiday Bundle for yourself or someone on your gift-giving list, you can get a FREE!! copy of my new collection Unexpected Holidays.

(Yes, I promised to nix used car salesman voice. Oops.)

How do you get your free copy of Unexpected Holidays?


Just shoot me an email to annie DOT reed DOT writer AT gmail DOT com. (Substitute in the . and @ in that email address – you know the score. *g*)  Attach or embed a copy of your receipt from Storybundle to your email, and I’ll send you a link where you can download your free copy of Unexpected Holidays.

This offer’s good until the Good Cheer Holiday Bundle goes away. If you’re too busy to email me until after Christmas, don’t worry. I’ll still honor your purchase and send you a totally free copy of Unexpected Holidays for your post-Christmas, self-care reading enjoyment.

Happy holidays, everyone!!

(And stay safe out there, okay?)

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