Cool stuff!

The newest issue of the Uncollected Anthology is out!  Woohoo!  This time around we’ve got great stories by guest author Ron Collins and regulars Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Leslie Claire Walker, Leah Cutter, Dayle Dermatis, and our newest regular member Rebecca M. Senese (rhymes with menace *g*).

Oh, and I have a story in this issue too. *g*  A brand new Diz and Dee mystery, no less! Take a look at this cool cover:

Woods cover 200x300Here’s the blurb:

Private detectives Diz and Dee have worked for some pretty odd clients. Leprechauns. Fairies. The occasional Greek God.

Even Dee’s mother.

But their newest client could be the oddest yet.

Horror movie director Morte (as in death; he had it legally changed) can’t find the star of his latest B-movie flick, currently filming in the woods outside Moretown Bay. The guy’s a method actor who needs to “live the part,” and he occasionally takes off to do a little research. Only this time he’s playing a werewolf, and the full moon is right around the corner.

Hollywood invades the offices of D & D Investigations in this latest addition to the Diz & Dee mystery series!

Nifty, right?  The story’s available at the usual ebook vendors.  I had a blast writing this one. I hope you enjoy it!


I’m participating in an upcoming bundle over at Bundle Rabbit (which my subconscious insists on referring to as Bundle Bunny).  More details to follow, but in the meantime, take a look at some of the great bundles going on right now.  Great deals on a whole lot of good fiction!


Speaking of great deals, Dean Wesley Smith has put all six weeks of his Originality in Fiction online workshop up on YouTube for free!  Go check this one out, especially you writers out there.  I took this workshop a couple of years ago, and it’s well worth your time.

Post-workshop brain syndrome

There’s a cute bit in the last Pirates movie where one of the multiple Jack Sparrows tells the fellow inhabitants of Capt’n Jack’s headspace to stand still – he’s dropped his brain.

Well, Post-Workshop Brain Syndrome feels a lot like that.

Last weekend I attended another one of the fabulous workshops put on by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Kris would say she had nothing to do with this one since Dean was the sole instructor, but I can just imagine the hours of discussion between the two of them that went into producing the final workshop.

This workshop was all about business, not craft. I’m used to having Post-Workshop Brain Syndrome after a craft workshop. This time I arrived on the Oregon Coast at the tail end of a couple of craft workshops. I recognized the Syndrome in the shell-shocked expressions of fellow writers who’d spent the last week pushing themselves to new and intense places in their writing. Been there, done that, had the fuzzy brain to prove it.

Ha, I said to myself. Lucky me, the workshop I’m going to is just about business. I shall escape Post-Workshop Brain Syndrome this time around.

Right. Ha, indeed.

Today is Thursday. The workshop ended Sunday at noon. I’m just now getting over my own Post-Workshop Brain Syndrome, although I have a feeling the repercussions of this workshop – on copyright and publishing contracts – will last for a long, long time. In a good way.

For instance, I spent a good deal of time yesterday going over my inventory. Not only do I have a number of stories where the rights I sold have reverted back to me or even if the rights I sold haven’t reverted back to me I have about a gabillion other rights I could be marketing, I have quite a few stories that have been languishing on my backup discs for far too long. Hit me over the head with the clue stick. It’s about time these guys earned their keep.

I also need to revamp the way I keep track of my stories – what’s been sent where, what rights have been sold, when they revert – since what I’ve been doing obviously isn’t working the way it should. I expect some growing pains, both in setting up the new system and getting myself to keep the new system up and running. See, I also have Bright Shiny Syndrome; it’s way more fun for me to set up new systems than to keep up with them. But right now I’m motivated.

That’s another part of Post-Workshop Brain Syndrome — motivation. Glad I got hit with it this time too.