Cats! Storybundle promotion!

The Cats! Bundle Thank You Promotion!

If you’ve purchased a copy of the Cats! Bundle, I want to take a moment to Thank You!!

And offer you a special added bonus.

If you’ve purchased the Cats! Bundle, I’m going to throw in a free copy of my superhero origin novel Faster! This goes for anyone who’s purchased the Cats! Bundle, so if you haven’t already purchased the Bundle, don’t wait! Storybundles don’t last forever, and this one’s about to go away in only ten more days.

Jackson’s not a normal high school kid, but he has no idea just how special he is.

Stuck in the foster system with a body that’s slowly betraying him, Jackson struggles just to make it through every day without attracting attention.

Attention from doctors who can’t fix him. Attention from foster parents who can’t cope with a kid in a wheelchair. Attention from bullies who pick on the weak.

He especially doesn’t want to attract the attention of a star football player who could snap Jackson in two without breaking a sweat, but it looks like that’s not going to happen.

And he can’t do a thing about it.

Or can he?

So how do you get your free copy of Faster?


Just shoot me an email to annie DOT reed DOT writer AT gmail DOT com. (Substitute in the . and @ in that email address – you know the score. *g*)  Attach or embed a copy of your receipt from Storybundle to your email, and I’ll send you back a link where you can download your free copy of Faster.

Easy peasy, right?

Don’t delay, though!  This offer, along with the bundle, is only available for a short time.

Exciting new releases!

Exciting times we live in, right?

A car just drove down my street. I don’t live in a high traffic area, so cars don’t drive down from the top of the hill often, but it made me realize how few cars I’ve seen when I’ve been out and about lately.

Like a lot of people, I’m staying home as much as possible. The last time I ventured out, I went to one grocery store, got there early, found most of what I needed, and came home early.  I tend to be a homebody anyway, but it’s weird staying home because I’m supposed to, not because I want to.

Although the family and I are starting to catch up on a lot of the series we’ve DVR’d. [WTF Evil?? Did you really plan to emasculate a totally great villain or what? Sheesh!]

I know some people are using the down time to catch up on their reading. If you’re like me, you have a huge TBR pile. But what if you don’t? What if you’d like something new to take your mind away from all the craziness of these “exciting” times?

Have I got a deal for you! [cue used car salesman voice]

Now, for a limited time only, Storybundle presents The Cats! Bundle!

Our furry feline friends have not only invaded memes and videos on your social media of choice, now they’ve invaded Storybundle!

[/end used car salesman voice]

Whew! I can only do that just so long.

Seriously, though—I’m really excited to be a part of this bundle. My collection Life With Cats is exclusive to this Bundle, but that’s not the only exclusive I’m in.  I have a brand new cat story in Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse, a spanking new anthology (not available elsewhere) that turns the “boy and his dog” post-apocalyptic tales on their… well, tails.  Plus, I have a story in Fiction River Presents: Cats!, also exclusive to this bundle.

I’ve been a cat person all my life. Haven’t turned into the crazy old cat lady down the street yet, but give me time. If you’re like me and harbor a love, secret or otherwise, for kitties of all flavors, grab this Storybundle today.  For as little as $5, you can get four of the books in this bundle, including Fiction River Presents: Cats!  But for as little as $15, you can get all ten books in this bundle, including not only exclusives like Life With Cats and Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse, but also exclusives by Dean Wesley Smith, Lisa Silverthorne, and Stefon Mears.  None of these books are available elsewhere.

All of the authors in this bundle have not only banded together to bring you great cat stories at a terrific low price, we’re also supporting Able Gamers. We’re stuck inside for what (hopefully) will only be a relatively short time. For most of us, we can read or play video games or otherwise distract ourselves without too much effort. Many disabled folks have to contend with much harsher conditions on a daily basis. Able Gamers helps them participate in online games by providing equipment tailored toward their needs. If you decide to purchase a bundle, I hope you’ll also add a donation to help support Able Gamers. Every dollar counts.


If your reading tastes don’t trend towards cats, or if you’d like your fiction a little more on the dark side, I’ve got a brand new collection just for you!

This collection focuses on shapeshifters of all types.  Changelings. Were-creatures. Beings who live in the shadows, hiding their true selves from the world.

This six-story collection’s available in ebook form for $2.99 US from your favorite distributors.

Free Fiction Thursday – A Death in Cumberland

Happy Thursday, everyone! And happy first day of November.

I’ve got a couple of cool things happening this month. The first is the release of my brand-new mystery novel, A DEATH IN CUMBERLAND, featuring rural Nevada sheriff Jill Jordan. To celebrate, this week’s free fiction is an excerpt from the novel. Enjoy!

A Death in Cumberland
Annie Reed

Published by Thunder Valley Press
Copyright © 2012 Annie Reed


Chapter 1

Nora Corbitt parked her car at the very edge of the dirt parking lot at Founders Park.  The lot was full, but at this time of night no one would see her back here so close to the street.  The two baseball diamonds on the far side of the lot were lit so bright it looked like the middle of the day over there, but the banks of lights were focused on the playing fields, and the parking lot didn’t have any lights of its own.  Where Nora stood next to her car, she was hidden by the long shadows thrown by the few spindly trees that separated the lot from the baseball fields, and that was just the way she liked it.

It seemed like everyone in Cumberland had turned out for the city league tournament.  Grown men playing softball like their lives depended on it.  She’d seen flyers for the tournament at the grocery store.  Nora didn’t like crowds, and she hated sports and the men who played them.  She wouldn’t have left her house at all except for the cat.

“I have this cat, it’s a stray, but my dad won’t let me keep it.  Can you take it?  I hear you do that, right?  Take in cats?”

The voice on the phone that afternoon had been young.  Nora didn’t trust the young, and she hadn’t answered right away.

“I’m afraid my dad will kill it.  He doesn’t like cats.”

Nora had stroked the calico in her lap, a beautiful cat with only one eye.  The cat was like her, a survivor.  That’s all Nora had ever wanted to do—help the cats survive.

“Yes,” she’d said to the young voice.  “I can take it.”

They’d arranged to meet in the parking lot at Founders Park.  “After the games start.  My dad will be playing and he won’t notice if I’m gone for a few minutes.”

Nora didn’t ask why the meeting had to be secret.  She’d lived in Cumberland long enough to know that people who lived in small towns had their secrets, just like the town itself had secrets.  Nora was one of them.

(read the rest of the excerpt here)

Free Fiction Thursday – First Steps

Good morning, everyone! It’s time for Free Fiction Thursday, which means it’s also one more day closer to Friday. Yippee!

This week’s story is “First Steps,” a blend of contemporary fantasy and women’s fiction. Fifty years ago Callie fell in love with her best friend. High-school sweethearts who spent their lives together, Callie still loves her husband, but most days Jed doesn’t even know who she is. Frustrated with her life and worried about her future, things look bleak for Callie until one magical night when everything changes.




Annie Reed

Copyright © 2012 Annie Reed

 Published by Thunder Valley Press

Cover and layout Copyright © 2012 Thunder Valley Press

The first steps were the hardest.

Jed used to tell her that back when they were both in junior high and she complained to him about having to walk the balance beam in gym class.  Callie didn’t have the world’s greatest balance on land, much less on a four-inch wide beam of wood three feet off the ground.

“I’m going to break my neck,” she’d said over a tray full of cafeteria food.  “You just wait and see.”

Jed had smiled at her.  “Not your neck.  Your arm, maybe, or your ankle.  You know… stuff you don’t need.”

He’d stuffed a piece of french bread pizza into his mouth, pleased with himself.  Callie would have smacked him a good one if Mr. Thedes hadn’t been on lunchroom duty.  Mr. Thedes had no sense of humor.  He was almost as bad as Callie’s dad, who would break her neck if she got herself suspended for fighting with her best friend in the cafeteria.

The first steps are the hardest.

Jed had been right, but he’d also been wrong.  Second steps weren’t any easier.  Sometimes all you could do was take one step after the next and let your body walk on automatic while your mind drifted away somewhere else.  Some place pleasant.

Wherever you needed to go to get yourself through what lay ahead.

Callie parked in an empty space in the back row of the nursing home’s lot.  Monday evening, only an hour left for visiting, no wonder the lot was only half full.  Callie could have parked her car closer, but she needed the time—the extra steps—to prepare herself, especially tonight.

(read the rest of the story here)

Free Fiction Thursday – Missy and the Man

Good morning, everyone!  How’s your Thursday going so far?  My Thursday started with coming downstairs to find hairballs galore, thanks to the warmer weather we’ve had the last few days.  Kitties, gotta love ’em!

This week’s Free Fiction Thursday story is a period piece about a young girl who really loves cats, so much so that she’s bound and determined to sneak into her neighbor’s garage to see his cat’s brand new kittens.  Only her neighbor’s not a very nice man.  Not at all.

“Missy and the Man”  is one of five stories in my brand new collection ALL FALL DOWN, available for sale now at Amazon and Smashwords, and soon to be available at the iBookstore and Barnes and Noble.


Missy and the Man

Copyright © 2012 Annie Reed

Published by Thunder Valley Press

Cover art Copyright © Rejnkarlgren|

Cover and layout Copyright © 2012 Thunder Valley Press

Missy just wanted to see the kittens, that was all.  She’d seen cats before.  All kinds of cats—orange cats with white paws, white cats with pink ears and noses, and black cats with yellow eyes that looked like they should be mean but they weren’t—but she’d never seen little baby kittens.  Missy knew how to pet cats good.  Mommy said cats liked to be petted soft, like Missy did with her doll’s hair.  Missy and her mommy both liked cats, but her daddy didn’t, so they didn’t have any of their own.

Their neighbor did, though.  He didn’t seem like he was a very nice man, but he had a pretty gray cat with a white face and long fur and a fat belly that Mommy said was full of kittens, so the man couldn’t be all that mean.  Missy didn’t think a cat, especially a cat about to have kittens, would live with someone who was mean.

The man wasn’t really their neighbor neighbor, like Missy’s friend Laura’s daddy, who lived next door to where Missy and her parents lived.  The man with the kittens was just the man who lived in the house next to the house where Missy’s daddy had his shop.

Missy’s daddy fixed other people’s furniture, and her mommy helped.  They were always too busy to play with Missy, so when she was done watching Gilligan’s Island or My Three Sons on the little television in the back room where Mommy worked, Missy went outside all by herself to play in the backyard behind Daddy’s shop, just like a Big Girl.

The backyard behind Daddy’s shop didn’t have grass like the backyard at home.  Instead it had lots of dirt and rocks and weeds, and grasshoppers that were almost as big as her fingers.  Sometimes Missy took her dolls outside and pretended the backyard was a great big desert and her dolls needed Missy to rescue them.  But sometimes she left her dolls inside so she could play her absolute most-favorite game:  being a cat.

When Missy pretended she was a cat, she’d walk as quiet as she could through the weeds along the edge of the yard so she could surprise a grasshopper.  Grasshoppers were fun to play with, but Missy was careful never to hurt them, even though she was pretty sure a real cat wouldn’t be so nice to something it was hunting.

Stalking along the fence in search of grasshoppers was how Missy found the hole in the fence.

(read the rest of the story here)