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Eight From the Silver State8 From SS web

Award-winning writer Annie Reed likes to scare us, charm us, haunt us, and make us fall in love. She does all of that and more in this collection of stories set in her home state of Nevada.

A lonely desert highway provides the backdrop for a mother and daughter facing an uncertain future in “Night Passage.” A simple day at a man-made lake turns out to be anything but in “Lady of the Deep.” In “For a Few Lattes More,” a barista encounters a hero from her childhood, while a former party girl faces the toughest decision of her life in “Bait.” Life in witness protection takes a sudden left turn for a former hitman in “Night of the Cruisers.” Luck runs cold for the petty thief of “Strike Two,” while the world itself chills down for the old motel owner of “One Sun, No Waiting.” And in “Love Among the Llamas,” a woman finds unexpected romance waiting around a bend in the road.

Praise for “Night Passage”

“A lovely story about a mother and a teenage daughter stranded on one of the scariest roads in America. Sensitively and nicely done.” —Kristine Kathryn Rusch, author of THE RETRIEVAL ARTIST series

Praise for “One Sun, No Waiting”

“Annie Reed draws a pitch-perfect portrait of the Nevada desert and peoples it with folks so real I want to drive out by Vegas and try to find the Forty Winks Motel and check up on how everyone’s doing. Its quiet voice and fast pace weave together to make any reader care.” —Cindie Geddes, author

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The Forever Soldier and Other Future TalesForever Soldier web

Five stories of a distant — and not so distant — future.

The title story “The Forever Soldier” features a far-future infantry soldier who can’t stop fighting, no matter how many times she dies. In “Human Interest,” a journalist searching for that one big story to reinvigorate his career uncovers more than he bargained for on a mining colony at the edge of known space. “The Liar” finds one woman preparing for the end of the world in her own unique way. In “Reboot,” a time travel pioneer facing forced retirement sends himself on the most important mission of his life. And in the award-winning, near-future story “One Sun, No Waiting,” an old motel owner tries to maintain an oasis of normal in the Nevada desert as the sun dims and civilization falls apart around him.

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Tales From the ShadowsShadows web

In this five-story collection, award-winning writer Annie Reed takes us on a bone-chilling tour down the mean streets of The Shadows, a place where dark magic and crime rule the night.

A man obsessed by his wife’s death finds more than he bargained for in “Changeling,” as does the budding serial killer in “Famous.” A young woman goes on a desperate search for her twin’s murderer in “Iris & Ivy.” A stripper becomes the latest target of a dangerous man in “Don’t Touch.” And in “Ties That Bind,” a young wizard risks everything to save the company she inherited from her father.

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It’s A Crime crime web

Five stories of crime, criminals, and people who refuse to remain victims.

In “Missy and the Man,” a little girl gets more than she bargained for when she sneaks into her neighbor’s garage to see his new kittens. The baseball-loving pickpocket in “Strike Two” has a sweet gig working The Strip in Las Vegas until he lifts a wallet from a woman who’s nobody’s victim. When a college studen’ts purse is stolen in “Thief,” no one except the student and her new boyfriend seem to care. Two kids with too much time on their hands set fire to an empty house in “Firebug,” only the game doesn’t go exactly as planned. And in “For A Few Lattes More,” a Starbucks barista comes face to face with a movie-hero cowboy only to discover that in real life, heroes are never around when you need them most. 

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All Fall Downall fall down web

Childhood’s not easy, at least not for the kids in this new five-story collection from award-winning writer Annie Reed.

In “Uncle Charlie’s Toy Store,” a trip to a local toy store turns deadly serious for a boy out to buy his very first G.I. Joe. A time-traveler stuck in the wrong time tries to protect his granddaughter from a future war in “Harley and the Alien.” The kids in “Firebug” have too much time on their hands and a brand new game they’re dying to try. A lonely boy tries to make a new friend in a world overrun by the undead in “Jessie.” And in “Missy and the Man,” a little girl gets more than she bargained for when all she wants is to see her neighbor’s new kittens.

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The Patient Z Filespatient z files web

Whether you call them zombies or the infected or creepers, one thing’s certain — the undead changed the world forever for the survivors in these five stories of the zombie apocalypse.

The first story in Annie Reed’s popular zombie series and the title story in this collection, “Patient Z” centers on a homeless woman who raids the wrong recycle bin late one night, unleashing a future she never imagined. In “Bait,” a former party girl faces the toughest decision of her life when she and her traveling companions discover a child tethered to a roadside sign. A young boy traveling the Oregon coast alone finds a friend in “Jessie” but discovers that friendship in this new world of the infected comes with a heavy price. The petty thief of “Ella and Mo” runs into a whole different kind of child survivor when he robs the wrong house in Las Vegas. And appearing in this collection for the first time is Annie’s brand new story “Zombie Parade,” a harrowing tale about survival in a New York City overrun by the undead.

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Fiction River Special Edition: Crime FR Crime web

From a twisted tale of greed by masterful writer Kate Wilhelm to a dark tale of murder and betrayal by Shamus Award-winner Brendan DuBois, Fiction River Special Edition: Crime covers the entire gamut of the mystery genre–cozy to noir. New York Times bestselling author Julie Hyzy joins Edgar Award-winner Doug Allyn and several others to create one of the strongest (and most diverse) anthologies of the season.

Includes Annie’s story “Jackrabbit DMZ.”

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Fiction River: Moonscapes Moonscapes web

We all look up at the moon and wonder. And maybe dream. For centuries, the moon filled our imaginations. Eleven professional writers took those dreams and set original stories on moons scattered all over the galaxy. Yet, as the dreams of centuries, every story holds a human touch. From a mythical man fulfilling a childhood wish to a fantastic addition to Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s bestselling Retrieval Artist series, this volume of Fiction River allows you to travel to eleven different moons without leaving the comfort of home.

Includes Annie’s story “The Old Guy.”

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Fiction River: Hex in the CityHex web

Urban fantasy offers a diverse playground for some extremely powerful stories. Professional writer and editor Kerrie L. Hughes pulled some fantastic tales out of fourteen top writers for this fifth installment of Fiction River. Set in urban lands from modern Portland, to a future Detroit, to a wild Washington, D.C., and ending the tour in London, these top writers take the idea of “Hex” and stretch and twist it into stories with a magickal grip on the imagination.

Includes Annie’s story “Dead Men Walking.”

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Fiction River: How to Save the WorldHow to Save the Worldthumb

The second original anthology in the Fiction River line, How to Save the World brings together eleven of today’s brightest authors, presenting their answers to solve a pressing problem facing the human race. From the growing energy crisis to women’s rights to overpopulation to the survival of humanity in the future, the stories in this anthology examine the issues facing our planet today—and offer hope for our survival tomorrow.

Fiction River: How to Save the World includes stories by: David Gerrold, William H. Keith, Ron Collins, Laura Resnick, Stephanie Writt, Angela Penrose, Annie Reed, Dean Wesley Smith, Lisa Silverthorne, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Travis Heermaan.

Includes Annie’s story “The Shape of a Name.”

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Fiction River: Unnatural WorldsUnnatural Worlds thumb

From a funeral procession in Asia to an ancestral estate deep in the heart of a vaguely Victorian forest to a carriage accident in the vast universe of The Runelords, Unnatural Worlds takes readers on a journey to the far side of the imagination. Funny, heartbreaking, frightening, but most importantly, memorable, the original stories in this anthology go places few writers dare reach. Unnatural Worlds marks the perfect start to this brand-new anthology series.

Original stories by: Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, Devon Monk, Ray Vukcevich, Esther M. Friesner, Annie Reed, Leah Cutter, Richard Bowes, Jane Yolen, David Farland, Kellen Knolan, and Irette Y. Patterson.

Includes Annie’s story “Here, Kitty Kitty.”

“Fiction River is off to an auspicious start. It’s a worthy heir to the original anthology series of the 60s and 70s. … It’s certainly the top anthology of the year to date.”
—Amazing Stories on Fiction River: Unnatural Worlds

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Cosmic CocktailsCosmic Cocktails

It’s happy hour on the far side of the galaxy, where every drink is out of this world.

Get inebriated with fifteen all-new stories set in some of the wildest taverns, saloons, and bars across the universe. From a liquid life-form that has to be drunk to get drunk to a Terran agent on the trail of alien collaborators to a time-traveling assassin out to kill more than time in a bar-these tales are guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Includes Annie’s story “The Galaxy’s Most Wanted”

“Playing out like an episode of The Twilight Zone, Annie Reed’s clever tale follows a woman’s inventive revenge on a Lothario, as she turns his every lie into a reality, making him the most wanted man on 17 planets.” –Publishers Weekly

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Seventeen rapier-sharp stories of swordplay, magic, and adventure…

From a samurai’s sword to an assassin’s blade, from Custer’s cavalry sword to D’Artagnan’s deadly weapon, from the sword of Damocles to the legendary Excalibur, these all-new spellbinding tales get straight to the point. Whether it’s a sword bespelled to crave blood, cold steel that magicks its wielder into a video game, or a dwarf-crafted blade meant to slay a dragon, these weapons each come sheathed in their own fascinating story that cuts right to the heart of fantasy adventure.

Includes Annie’s story “The Warrior Women of Apartment 3C”

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Hags, Sirens, and Other Bad Girls of FantasyHags

Twenty original tell-all tales about those original femmes fatale of fantasy.

From hags and harpies to sorceresses and sirens, this volume features twenty all-new tales that prove women are far from the weaker sex-in all their alluring, magical, and monstrous roles.

Includes Annie’s story “Homeless.”

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The Future We Wish We HadFuture We Wish

The future holds endless possibilities…

For all of those who thought that by now that they’d be driving along the skyways in their own personal jet car, who assumed that humans would have established bases on the Moon and Mars, or that diseases would have been conquered, the aging process slowed to a crawl, and war eliminated along with social injustice-here are 16 stories of futures that might someday be reality.

Includes Annie’s story “My Father, the Popsicle”

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Wizards, Inc.Wizards

15 original stories about those who earn their living through spellcraft.

From a boy who discovers life can be an illusion…to a man who maintains company security through enchantment…to a young woman who inherits a real magic shop…to a gambler who needs a sure way to beat the odds…to a woman who creates unique chocolates-here are 15 imaginative tales that run the whole gamut of wizardly professions.

Includes Annie’s story “Ties That Bind”

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