New Releases

Hiding Behind the Cowl includes Annie’s short novel “Faster,” the origin story for a brand-new teenage superhero!

All alone in the world and stuck in a wheelchair thanks to his deteriorating body, Jackson has no idea about the power lurking deep inside himself. Not until he crosses paths with the wrong person–a star football player with his own secrets to hide.

Annie’s latest Uncollected Anthology story is “The Fixer,” part of the Spells Gone Awry issue!

When Amelia botched her first spell as a kid, her parents grounded her. And then they enrolled her in an after-school program that taught her how to fix her screw ups.

She loved it so much she decided to open her own business helping people who can’t get their spells to work quite right.

Now the best spell reclamation wizard in the business, Amelia’s never run into a spell she couldn’t fix. Until now. And worst of all, the spell in question is one of her own, pirated by a shady online wizarding school out to bilk unsuspecting wannabe wizards and ruin Amelia in the process.

Return to the magical Pacific Northwest city of Moretown Bay in “The Fixer,” a story of good magic gone seriously wrong.

Fiction River: No Humans Allowed contains Annie’s story “In the Beginnings.”

Editor John Helfers succinctly described “In the Beginnings” as the birth, life, death, and  rebirth of a universe. Robert L. Turner III at Tangent says the story “personifies the big bang and the ensuing creation, expansion, and finally contraction of the universe” crafting a story that “is a combination of wondering self-discovery and anxious doubt.”