Diz & Dee Mysteries

The Diz & Dee Holiday Mysteries

A light-hearted blend of mystery and fantasy, all served up with a healthy helping of holiday charm.

From New Year’s to Christmas (and holidays in between), Diz and Dee investigate missing persons cases the way only a human precog and a gorgeous (if grumpy) elf can. Whether you’re looking for Santa’s missing stand-in, the New Year’s baby momma gone walkabout, or a bird-napped Thanksgiving turkey named Simpkins, you’ve come to the right place.

Snuggle up with our favorite detectives and take a break from the stress of the season with these heartwarming holiday mysteries by award-winning writer Annie Reed.

This collection’s the only place you’ll find Diz & Dee’s Thanksgiving mystery “Gobbler, Gobbler, Who’s Got the Gobbler?”

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Lights! Camera! Action?

Private detectives Diz and Dee have worked for some pretty odd clients.  Leprechauns. Fairies. The occasional Greek God.

Even Dee’s mother.

But their newest client could be the oddest yet.

Horror movie director Morte (as in death; he had it legally changed) can’t find the star of his latest B-movie flick, currently filming in the woods outside Moretown Bay. The guy’s a method actor who needs to “live the part,” and he occasionally takes off to do a little research. Only this time he’s playing a werewolf, and the full moon is right around the corner.

Hollywood invades the offices of D & D Investigations in this latest addition to the Diz & Dee mystery series.

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__________________________________________________________Missing Elf web__

The Case of the Missing Elf

Christmas comes early for private investigator Dee and her partner, the grumpy but drop-dead-gorgeous elf Dizzy G, when Santa’s elves hire Diz and Dee to find Santa’s missing stand in.

Diz and Dee, owners of D & D Investigations, have had some off the wall cases, but none as strange as the case of the missing North Pole elf. Santa’s taken a sabbatical this year, and the elf slated to take Santa’s place in the sleigh on Christmas Eve dropped off the map after losing a few too many competitive eating contests. If Diz and Dee can’t find the only elf who can fill Santa’s suit, it’s game over this Christmas.

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Omens webOmens and Oracles and Eros, Oh My

No less than the God of Love himself, Eros (he doesn’t like the name Cupid), hires Dee and her grumpy but gorgeous elf partner Diz to find his missing daughter. Dyte disappeared after a spat with her parents, and now it looks like someone’s sabotaging the family’s global Valentine’s Day products division. The very same division Eros put Dyte in charge of.

No one in their right mind turns down a job offer from one of the old gods. (Have you seen how pointy Cupid’s arrows are?) But how can one elf and one mortal woman track down a headstrong teenage god if she doesn’t want to be found?

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Just My LuckJust My Luck web

Human precog Dee and her gorgeous elf partner Diz make a great team. So why would Dee investigate a case without him?

With Diz off for the day doing some mysterious “elf thing,” Dee agrees to search on her own for the missing love of her new client’s life.

Did the woman simply get a case of cold feet, or is her disappearance part of an elaborate plot to separate Dee’s client, a leprechaun, from his pot of gold?

And what’s the real reason her new client doesn’t want Diz to be part of the investigation?

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Cousin Rabbit webMy Cousin, the Rabbit

Private detectives Diz and Dee return in a brand new mystery!

This time around Dee’s mother hires our intrepid duo to find Dee’s cousin, Harold. The Easter season’s been tough on Harold ever since a high school bully and budding wizard turned Harold into a six-foot tall white rabbit. The spell only lasted for a week, but the experience left shy, introverted Harold scarred for life.

Now Harold’s gone missing, and human precog Dee and her gorgeous but grumpy elf partner Diz have to discover if Harold’s merely hiding out from a yearly overdose of bunny-themed Easter advertising, or if someone has it in for the former rabbit.

Someone who could transform Harold into the Easter Bunny for good.

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New Year webThe New Year That Almost Wasn’t

Private detective Dee and her grouchy yet gorgeous elf partner Diz are back in a brand new holiday mystery.

Dee always thought Baby New Year was just a clever advertising gimmick, right up until one of Santa’s elves hires Dee and her grumpy elf partner Diz to find Baby New Year’s missing mother. This time around more than a holiday’s at stake. If our intrepid duo can’t find one very pregnant baby mama and convince her to return to the Baby New Year program, it’s lights out for the entire new year!

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Kitty Kitty webHere Kitty, Kitty

Dee and her gorgeous but grumpy elf partner Diz find missing people for a living. Tracking down a fairy’s missing ceramic cat should be a snap, right?


Dee should have known any case involving one of the fey would lead to disaster.  Much less an angry little fairy who hurls weapons at her head and yells at her in Japanese.

To save her skull and find the kitty, Dee and her partner plunge headlong into the world of manga, anime, and cosplay.  Diz might never be the same again.

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