Uncollected Anthology

BugRedefining the boundaries of urban and contemporary fantasy.

Now in our eighth year!

New stories and themes three times a year from some of the best authors writing short fantasy today!

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Uncollected Anthology: When you can’t get enough of the stories you love.




Includes “Like Our Fathers Before Us” by Annie Reed, along with original stories by Jason A. Adams, Leah R. Cutter, Dayle A. Dermatis, Jamie Ferguson, Kari Kilgore, Debbie Mumford, Rebecca M. Senese, and guest authors Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith!

Long before men mined gold and silver in the Old West, Beau grew up in a beautiful land in the east filled with magic and light and the joy of living. A beautiful green land Beau’s elvish kin had sworn to protect.

Then men arrived from across the great ocean. Greedy, evil men intent on conquering the New World and enslaving its magic for their own purposes.

Centuries later, Beau pursues the last of the enslavers who’d fled to the west to escape elvish justice. Always hiding his true nature from the men he encounters along the way, Beau carries out his sworn duty.

Punish the guilty.

Release the innocent.

Destroy the insane.

Even if that means he must destroy his oldest childhood friend.



Includes “The Code” by Annie Reed, along with original stories by Leah R. Cutter, Robert Jeschonek, Debbie Mumford, Rebecca M. Senese, and guest authors Alicia Cay and J. Steven York!

Woe be to those who call themselves pirate and fail to abide by the Code.

The Code. Not the guidelines written by pirates of old, but the true Code handed down by the sea herself.

In another life, Killian called himself pirate. Now he has a far deadlier purpose, one tied to history and tradition and the magic of the deep.

A purpose he must fulfill over and over and over again.

For even in this modern age, no pirate who violates The Code can hope to escape the harsh judgment of the sea.

Includes “Mis-Spelled” by Annie Reed, along with original stories by Leah R. Cutter, Debbie Mumford, Rebecca M. Senese, and guest authors Jason A. Adams, Kari Kilgore, and T. Thorn Coyle!

Just one simple little spell. What’s the harm in that?

Maggie never meant to violate her Great Aunt Matilda’s Number Two Rule (Do No Harm) when she cast a spell to help her heartbroken best friend. Because really, who breaks up with somebody over a lack of holiday decorations? Only her spell backfired, big time. Now she’s been summoned to the Great Hall of the North to answer charges brought against her by Santa. Yes, the Santa.

With the prospect of a Merry Christmas looking worse by the minute, Maggie’s about to come face to face with her accuser, the big man himself—and his lawyer—in a trial that will determine whether she’ll lose her magick forever.

Includes seven fabulous stories by Annie Reed, Stefon Mears, Jamie Ferguson, Rebecca Senese, Lisa Silverthorne, and special guest authors David H. Hendrickson and Patrice Greenwood!

“Maggie’s Missing Mojo,” a Diz & Dee Mystery, by Annie Reed

When you’re a private detective with an unreliable ability to see the future, a secret crush on your hunky elf partner, and a dog who’s not really a dog, life can get complicated. Add to the mix a masseuse whose mojo’s gone missing, and the complications—not to mention the twists and turns—are off the charts.

In this latest Diz & Dee Mystery, our favorite private detectives find themselves investigating why the free-spirited masseuse across the street can’t find the mojo that helps her give the world’s greatest massages. Did someone cast a spell on Maggie? Curse her? Or is her missing mojo the result of something far more devious?

“One of the best writers I’ve come across in years.” Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Includes “Hole-In-The-Wall Shrink” by Annie Reed

The law of equivalent exchange. The bedrock of the practice of alchemy.

For the owner of a hole-in-the-wall bar, a little alchemy from an unexpected source turns out to be the perfect way to keep her business afloat. Enhance a few bottles of high-class booze for a few special customers, and all of a sudden they’re not just carrying on conversations with her, they’re confiding business secrets they wouldn’t let slip to anyone else.

Sure, alchemy comes with a cost—equivalent exchange, remember?—but she always thought she was willing to pay the price.

Right up until she serves that special booze to one of the old gods, a powerful businessman with a plan of his own.

Includes “Dancing Across the Canyon” by Annie Reed

Sugar and her family always danced away the night on Christmas Eve.

They danced to mix tapes Sugar made with all of her momma’s favorite holiday music. Sugar and her momma and daddy and her brothers. All the aunts and uncles and cousins. All dressed in their go-to-church finest and crammed into the tiny living room in her family’s old third-floor walkup, they danced until the sun came up and went to bed exhausted and happy.

The dances brought them all together, Sugar and her family.

Until the night she couldn’t come home.

Until the night that changed everything.


Includes “What Lives Beneath” by Annie Reed

Leave the path at your peril. Especially when the path marks the only safe passage through an underground city buried deep beneath the surface of the modern world.

Karen enjoys her work as a guide for the City Beneath the City tour—except for the occasional problem tourist, like the two twelve-year-old boys who ditched Karen’s group to go exploring on their own.

The first city known as Moretown Bay disappeared beneath the mud over a hundred years ago. Thanks to a few well-placed spells, a handful of those old buildings give modern tourists a glimpse into the city’s past.

But danger lies beyond the safety of the tour. Unstable buildings. Shifting mud. Passageways that come and go seemingly by magic.

Finding two lost boys turns into a desperate fight for survival against the things that live deep under the old, buried city in this exciting story from the Mazes and Labyrinths issue of The Uncollected Anthology.




Magical Quests – December 2021

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    • Thanks for pointing that out! While I haven’t done Free Fiction Thursday for a while, you reminded me how much fun I had doing that. So I’ve opened a new page on this site just called Free Stuff just for free stories, which I’ll be posting once a month.

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